My self-management skills!! ðŸ‘€ðŸ¥²

Recently my college asked me to submit my resume for the internship. So I mentioned my self-management skills in the resume. Actually, I don’t know I have management skills or not. So, In this blog, you get to know how my self-management skills work.

My close ones know how clumsy I m. A few days ago I came back home, I was traveling by bus alone and when I dropped off from the bus I forgot to take my suitcase back!…… Yaa I know that is so stupid of me. So what happened was when I got off the bus, some auto drivers asked me Do you want to go somewhere? I said no.. because my cousin was supposed to come to pick me up. Then I called my cousin and yelled at her because she just woke up and I told her that I reached so come pick me up. Till here I forgot that I had to take my suitcase also. My father called me and asked did you take your bag with you and I was like where is my bag. When my cousin arrived she started laughing at me constantly. THAT’S BAD. I waited for about 1 hour for the bus to come back and to get the bag back.

Till now I realised when I traveled without my parents I lost or forgot something. This was the second time I traveled alone. When the 1st time I traveled to Jaipur, I lost my locks and also left one pair of my slippers at the station. Actually what happened was it was a school tour, so we were going on the train and accidentally I left my one pair of slippers at the station. The fun fact is I forgot to leave another pair there. I brought another pair with me to home. FUNNY RIGHT!!!!! Yeah u can laugh too! XD

First I lost the lock then I lost the suitcase and next time I m gonna lose myself. Hence proved I was born upside down. And I m not proud at all.

So In all, I have flaws. I don’t appreciate it and still, try to get over it. But most important is I love every bit of myself. No matter how clumsy & stupid I am, in the end, I know that’s how I am. At least all I can do is I can improve.





  1. Vaidehi says:

    Nice reading your blog. That’s funny and good too ,like we came to know more about you.. self love is what we all need and u r enough, so all the best….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vishakha :) says:

      Thank youuuuuuu yaaar ❤️❤️😘 Thank you for always rooting for me!! 🤗


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