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Hi, I’m Vish. A Graduation student, who’s a weirdo and having new experiences in her life and best part is…… you gotto read all of them!! So Stay Stunned. Make sure you give your reviews.

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I know for the past few months I went offline and have not written anything. Actually after my last post i.e. I had barely anything in my mind, I m not doing anything at that time. After that my semester was over. A lot of things happened I don’t know how to sum up…


I know the title is a little weird but rom-coms had wrecked my life. ROMCOMS are not real though. But I wish it were real. I cannot resist watching it. Oh god have you ever felt butterflies🦋 in your stomach while watching some romantic movie. I don’t want that damn butterflies. It’s not like I…

My self-management skills!! 👀🥲

Recently my college asked me to submit my resume for the internship. So I mentioned my self-management skills in the resume. Actually, I don’t know I have management skills or not. So, In this blog, you get to know how my self-management skills work. My close ones know how clumsy I m. A few days…


My life got changed just within a month. When I look back at myself a month ago I realise how my life was so peaceful and finest. I realised I didn’t have to struggle for little things. From newspapers and polyethene to food and stay. I just got everything in my bed. I don’t know…

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