I know for the past few months I went offline and have not written anything. Actually after my last post i.e. I had barely anything in my mind, I m not doing anything at that time. After that my semester was over. A lot of things happened I don’t know how to sum up all those things because there is something but there is also nothing. So Here’s the month dump – Left hometown, shifted to a new place with my family, found a cute cat named her Kuku, the new semester started, had to go to Pune, night outs, clubs, all amazing fun I had, came back home, finally had Ghar ka khana, had to go back to Pune, my birthday, khadakwasla, Lonavala, exams, missing home🥺 STOP!! :))))) I had fun!

It was a whole roller coaster ride about how my last few months went. There was a little shed of tears, also an incredible joy of happiness, and also been into a thrilling ride of emotions.

After coming to Pune, I started to overthink a lot, a lot. When I m obsessing about something, I know I m overthinking. when I play out ten dire scenarios and tune out my friends and friends I m overthinking, when I overthink, I over the plan, I over-stuff my life. Sometimes I think that Being an overthinker made me fall in love with myself. For me sometimes it is good to overthink only when it is ”not getting negative”. Overthinking takes me to another level of imagination, it is a whole new world. The way I start imaging things the deeper I get into it. It neither increased my expectations nor left a negative impact on my life. It simply makes me the main character of my movie. Yes, we can’t say it’s overthinking its called daydreaming perfectly.

I read articles about how to stop Daydreaming. My question is why it should stop when it is giving you happiness. It’s not like I never get into negative thoughts I do get negative thoughts and expectations from the never-ending dreams. All this stuffs happened to but I came back to reality somehow and also I never expected anything in any of my dreams. It’s a lie I expect! Overflowing of emotions also leads to overthinking/ daydreaming and sometimes it occurs in negative emotions. To be honest, we are all Overthinking or Day Dreaming and we also know that We all have our world, our own space we need to live to that. This all should be done to a limited extent where it should not damage you. or your personality. It should not Overlap your thoughts on your personality.

After coming to Pune I feel I m more changed, more concentrating on myself, moving evolved, and what’s happening around me. feel more mature than I have ever been. I m trying out new things but all within limits. Make sure not to cross all the boundaries. I want to live to the fullest. I m a filmy person. The person who is close to me knows that I’ll live in fantasies. My dreams, imagination, and nightmares everything make me a different person.

I daydreamed because I can’t live those scenarios in my real life so why not live those in your mind? The ultimate goal is your happiness. Being with yourself, and embracing yourself doesn’t mean you’re alone. I love spending time with myself. Even most of the time I feel uncomfortable when I meet new people or to be them. I like to be surrounded by those who I m comfortable with.

Signing off :))))



  1. Don’t stop daydreaming. Let the imaginations fly high!

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    1. Vishakha :) says:

      Sure I’ll 😃

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